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Our products effectively kills bacteria and germs! The protective rate is 99.9%, which directly eliminates common bacteria, forms a sterilizing protective layer on the skin / surface, and effectively inhibits bacteria regeneration! Perfect take-anywhere personal shield against pathogenic viruses and bacteria, thanks to 70-75 percent ethyl alcohol and its hero ingredient.

We offer the quick-drying Antibacterial gel and Hand Sanitizers.

«Luxfarmol» Ltd the best choice and the absolutely trustworthy business partner! We guarantee excellent protection, no synthetic fragrance and no animal origin ingredients.

12 years of success on the market
No harmful impact on the environment and for consumers
100% Quality
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Cover all surfaces of your hands with gel and let hands air-dry!

Antibacterial single dose hand gel effectively disinfects, refreshes and cleans the skin! This antiseptic does not dry the skin even when frequently used. In just 15 seconds it destroys the most common pathogenic bacteria and microbes!

Non-Irritating Formula

ECCO gel contains glycerin that helps moisturize and soften the skin of hands.

Snap. Sanitize.

Safe, hygienic and instant hand sanitisation. Simply snap the pouch in half and apply!

Kills 99.99% of Germs

Guarantee 100% protection. Maintain skin health and kills germs that may cause illness.

All you need to know about hand sanitizers

Germs are everywhere! They can get onto hands and items we touch during daily activities and make us sick. Cleaning hands at key times with soap and water or hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol is one of the most important steps you can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to those around you. Knowing when to clean your hands and which method to use will give you the best chance of preventing sickness. When should I use?
  • Before walks in public areas
  • In public means of transportation (especially during mass contamination)
  • Before meals, if you do not have the possibility to wash your hands with water and soap
  • On holidays, while resting in a different environment, where the microflora can differ from the one of your body
  • After playing with animals, if you do not have the possibility to wash your hands with water and soap
  • While visiting while visiting entertainment centers and shops
  • At medical offices and health care institutions, if you come in contact with a large number of people or common areas
  • After touching keyboards, door handles, tables, etc.
  • At home or on walks, use it to disinfect minor wounds, scratches and injuries
single dose stick sachet packs
We offer unique, single-dose hand gel sanitizer packs for ultimate convenience while on the go.

A new revolutionary approach to disinfection, high-quality service for your customers – antiseptic single dose stick sachet. It has a wide range of antimicrobial actions and a sufficient amount of components to treat hands with a long-effect disinfectant.



Reduces bacterial flora by up to 99% in just 30 seconds



The gel does not require rinsing. It dries immediately



Maintains clean hands within 3 hours

Why choose the products of «LUXFARMOL.UK»?

«Luxfarmol.uk» makes high-quality products at the most affordable prices.


Our entire production has the appropriate certificates of registration and quality!


The products of «Luxfarmol» Ltd are time tested and the demand is constantly growing.

High quality

70-75 % ethyl alcohol without synthetic fragrance and no animal origin ingredients.

Unique products

Single-dose hand gel sanitizer packets. Perfect take-anywhere personal shield!

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